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Welcome to the World Nomads Style Guide

This pattern library is first and foremost a reference document for developers and designers to help build World Nomads web pages. On a deeper level it's a tool to help us spread design consistancy to all corners of the brand. After all, consistancy is one of the pillars of a good user experience.

UI Components

User Interface components are the modular components we use to construct a functional user interface.

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Content Components

How do we ensure our content has a consistency and familiarity to users, regardless of where they navigate? We do that by using these modular content components.

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Design Elements

These design elements allow designers a level of flexibility with their layouts and designs, while ensuring consistency for the brand and user interface.

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A fundamental attribute of a good modular front-end is a system for laying out those components. Learn about our grid and modular layout classes here.

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  • We follow SMACSS. If you write CSS, you should too.
  • Notes: World Nomads uses some of the Foundation 6 framework to help speed up the development of web pages. You can find detailed information about that frameworks features there. Not all Foundation features have been included in the build. If you're missing something and would like it included, speak to a front end dev.
  • If you're a developer and you create a new module, comment it in your SCSS and update this library.